Blue Christmas Santa Pendant



Pictures of PC Jewelry

Polymer Clay Pendant and Earrings

Mokane Gane Gold Leaf Pendant

This is a picture of my Mokane Gane Gold leaf pendant and earrings. I donated this to my work’s United Way door prizes. It went to a really nice young lady. She gave me raving comments on the jewelry. I even made the copper box and label.

Updating my blog.

Okay, I’ve been away for  awhile. I have been concentrating so very hard on learning how to color blend my polymer clay. I have finally figured out how to blend the clay to colors that I love. Next I have learned technique, and textures. I have read just about every book on the subject of polymer clay. I love the websites Polymer Clay Daily by Cynthia Tinapple. She changes her site everyday and highlights great PC artists. My next favorite website is Alice Stroppel’s. I love her Stroppel cane tutorial, and her many face canes. Her colors are awesome. My goal one day is to make a realistic face cane one day.

There hasn’t been any PC artists in our area that I know of. The artists that are highlighted are very far away from me, so I can’t take lessons. Get this!! I can now download a tutorial from the great artist themselves. Wow! So when I make a few bucks on my jewelry I will do just that. So far books, on-line tutorials etc. have been my best help. Oh, forgot to mention one of the first websites I hit on was Polymer Clay Central. It explained every thing a beginner needs to know.

I will be uploading pictures soon.  I have done some Christmas transfer pendants, and some funny fat Christmas trees with wire wrapping. I have made a pretty neat Kokopelli cane that I want to share. I am gaining confidence everyday.

Karen’s Blog

I have no particular talent. I am merely inquisitive.” quote by Albert Einstein. Soo…. here we go. A look into how I work, and play. Today I have thought how neat it would be to blog. I have so many things going on in my life. I think they are interesting. I have a new hobby of polymer clay jewelry. I love handling the clay shaping the lump into something I like, and can use. Then it’s the colors. I can’t get over all the colors, textures, and shapes I can make. It’s like being in kindergarten again. The clay also ties in with my sewing experience. I can take cloth and use it to make a necklace to hold the beads I make. Some of the beads are  medallions incorporating textures, findings, and colors.  I can work on the project for hours. Look up and can’t believe how the time has passed. Soo. check back with me. I’ll have some pictures of my sewing projects, and polymer clay jewlery.

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